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Riding Into August

Hi Everyone,

We are so excited to welcome two new instructors to Stryde: Liz Stoyan and Melanie Schneider, both from High Ride Cycle! Melanie brings the perfect balance of fun and hard work. She’ll have you sprint for 90 seconds, but she’ll also ask politely – “Please!” – and smile the entire time. In class with Liz, expect heavy beats, hip hop remixes, all the movements and combos, and a pressure-free environment. “Your workout should be fun – you don’t have to be perfect!” We added Liz’s second theme ride this week, and Melanie’s first class dropped earlier today – please check them out.

We also hope you’re enjoying the new app release! A few things on our app roadmap for the next few months include Stryde app going to picture in picture mode when pressing the home button on the tablet (enabling you to see your stats while you are using another app), and ability to display heart rate from an external HR monitor.

If you have any other suggestions, please let us know!

With the new shipment of Stryde bikes almost in the warehouse, and more containers on the way, we expect those leaderboards to keep getting busier – so if they motivate you, bring your A-game!

And if you haven’t yet, we invite you to ride the most popular class in July – Rap Remixed with Allissa Benson!

And please to tag us #strydebike when you’ve had a great ride. We love hearing from you!



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