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Black History Month

This month we acknowledge and celebrate the resilience, inspiration and beauty within the Black community and culture. We will host a series of rides that honor Black artists who have influenced music and pop culture.

For every unique rider to take a Black History Month class on the Stryde app, Stryde will donate to the Loveland Foundation.

We will uplift our Black riders as they share their accomplishments on and off the bike and amplify our own team member’s voices, highlighting their devotion to building a stronger and more diverse health and wellness space.

BHM Rides Dropping On The App

30 min. BHM Ride w/ Yesenia

30 min. BHM Ride w/ Brian

30 min. Black Icons Remixed w/ Danielle

30 min. Famous Black Icons w/ Megan

30 min. BHM Ride w/ Will

We acknowledge that there is much more to be done and growth to be had. With that being said, this month and every month, it is our responsibility to listen and learn as we work toward more inclusion and equality.


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